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Another reason to get insurance for your horse is for the same reason you get health insurance for yourself. If the horse gets sick or needs routine or unexpected medical care, you can save a great deal of money by carrying the proper insurance policy for this. A horse, like you, is bound to get sick one day and it's a good idea to be financially prepared for this to happen. This is the same reason a lot of people are now getting pet insurance for their dogs and cats. It's for "just in case."

Liability insurance for horses covers the horse's health, boarding, training, riding instruction, saddle clubs, horse racing, breeding, and basically any other activity or situation that your horse could possibly be involved in. If you are in doubt about whether something related to your horse would be covered under and equine insurance policy and it wasn't mentioned here then call the insurance companies that deal with horses and ask.

The likelihood of you needing to utilize your horse insurance, like with any other insurance that you carry for yourself, is low. However, having an equine liability insurance policy is still necessary and is not something to be skipped or overlooked. Insurance is a necessary evil nowadays because you never know when someone might sue you (in this case because of your horse.) Be prepared for this!

To wrap all this up, remember to look into the horse insurance carriers I mentioned and even find some on your own that I didn't mention. Call them all up and get the basic information you need to decide how much horse insurance coverage you need and what your horse insurance deductible monthly payment will be, and so on. Don't leave any stone unturned in your insurance hunting process. Your horse's well being (and your financial well being) may depend on it!
   Ask your local broker about the liability insurance price. On vacation, be sure to add rental car liability insurance.